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About Us

Our mission

XGear Planet specializes in distributing Apple, Android, Microsoft, & Sony device accessories. We focus on  bringing consumers the best of the best in protection for the latest gadgets from around the globe that  you won’t find any where else. Our goal is to bring the best offering of products from inventors from such places as Kick Starter and  Indiegogo to you quickly. XGear Planet is a division of XGear LLC and XGearLive.
We constantly strive to bring you the best products at the most affordable prices. From screen protectors for your latest phone to vinyl skins for a variety of devices, XGear Planet excels at making your device look good while adding great protection, all without drastically increasing the size of your device. This balance of protection, style, and size is our promise to you.

Product Lines

Screen Protectors:

XGear Planet strives to protect your device’s screen at all times through one of our unique options. We provide chemically-treated tempered glass screen protectors for a large number of devices and also give you the one-of-a-kind protection of sapphire crystal for your iPhone 4/4s & 5/5s.

EXO Skins:

Protecting your device without adding unnecessary bulk is very important to us and it shows in our extensive line of vinyl skin protectors. By constantly adding new devices and new materials, XGear Planet seeks to give you ever-changing options for how to protect your device without the need for a large case.


In addition to our screen protector and EXO Skin lins, XGear Planet is always looking for unique new products to offer you. From 3D printing filaments to international chargers, we are always looking for creative new products to bring to you. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters so you are always up to date on what we come up with next!

Office Information

Location: XGear 33051 Calle Aviador San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm Open every day except on holidays. Orders ship the following Monday after holidays.

Made in the USA

madeinusa-xgpXGear Planet is devoted to manufacturing as many of our products as possible right here in the United States of America. All of our EXO Skin vinyl protectors are cut and packaged right here in our office in Southern California. This allows us greater control over the manufacturing process and lets us keep your cost down by eliminating expensive shipping from overseas. XGear Planet strives to produce more and more products in the United States.

Look for the badge to the left on our products that are made in the United States.